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» Whimsical ♥ Cotton «
Hong Kong
//Inactive and will not have much time to draw, due to boarding school OTL 'Nuff said

> I've installed paint tool sai on my other laptop [the one that I'll bring with me to boarding school] but since it's a mac, the pressure sensitivity thingy doesn't work ;A; I'll only have time to draw on weekends, when I get home ;w;

> I'm horrible at drawing human AND animal anatomy so uhh, don't expect me to post anything like that any time soon heehee~

> English is technically my third/forth language so excuse my bad English >A<;;;

Also known as ::

Whimsical @
ToukoSakura @ Minecraft

New Schooooool ,w,

Fri Sep 7, 2012, 8:10 PM
So uhh (some of you may already know) I was ~forced~ to go to a new school called Harrow International Hong Kong, and since it's quite far away from where I live, I was ~forced~ to board.

The school is gigantic (probably the largest in hong kong) and uhhh waittt lemme find a picture of it...


Despite the size of the school, the boarding rooms are tinyyyyyyyyyyyyy.


The school uniforms are hideoussssss, and since I do not want to post a pic of it [plus I can't find a pic of it] I shall describe them to you.

The top is a white shirt that needs to be tucked into the skirt [grey, super long, past my knees oAo;;;;;;;;;]. We need to wear a tie and a blazer at allll times, despite the hot weather in Hong Kong. If we rolled up our sleeves, didn't tuck out shirts in, didn't tie our tie tight enough, etc, we'd get sent to the headmaster's office. ;w; The P.E. Uniform is a liiittle bit better, which consists of a black polo top [which absorbs allll of the heat. ugh] and a black skort [skirt+shorts]

Yuppp that's pretty much it... [Although I could continue ranting for hours if you allowed me to]

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